Rules To Follow When You Are Out On Bond

Posted on: 26 April 2023

If someone has recently posted bond for you to be released from jail, it's reassuring knowing you have your freedom back. Even with a 24-hour bail bonds service, while this gives you time to build your case while you are out of jail, it doesn't mean it's a cakewalk. There are certain rules that you should abide by until your last court date. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Follow All Court Rules

When you are released on bond, there are certain rules and regulations set by the judge and prosecutor. These are handed over directly to the bail bondsman as well. The bond conditions may include certain meetings or classes that you have to attend. These should be completed in a timely manner as set forth by the court. 

Other rules may include a zero substance abuse tolerance. In addition, a bail bonds company does not want you associating with certain people that may be involved with the case. Specifically, the defendant if there is one, as well as property associated with the defendant or the case. Failure to follow these rules by the bail bonds service could put you in contempt of court, which would forfeit the original bond. 

Respect Your Curfew

The judge may enforce a curfew for you in relation to the case you awaiting trial for. This includes being home at a certain time or having to call a number to verify where you are at. If you are on house arrest, you may have to call a court number at random times of the day. This is to ensure you're following all the rules and staying on track while you are out on bond.

If you are arrested or caught forfeiting your curfew time frame, you are at risk for bond forfeiture by the 24-hour bail bonds company. 

Maintain Adequate Employment

Part of being released on bond is to be a productive member of society. This means maintaining a job or going to school or both. This shows that you are earning a living and will be able to take care of yourself once the trial is over. 

This also shows the bail bonds agent, prosecutor, and judge that you are a responsible person and trying to better your life. Quitting your job is not a good look on your court file. It could even mean a difference in the outcome of your case. 

Avoid Breaking the Law

Breaking the law again while out on bond is one of the worst things you could do. Even a simple traffic ticket could land you back in jail. With bail bonds, depending on how harsh the bond conditions are, acquiring a ticket or getting arrested again could be bad news. 

Staying away from other individuals who have a hefty track record of breaking the law or are on probation should be avoided. This could increase the odds of you slipping up while you await future court dates. 

Being on bond can seem like a lifesaver for most people, but there are some strict rules to follow. Keeping your life on track both before your final court hearing and beyond will reap many rewards for your future lifestyle.  

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