Some Facts About Bail

Posted on: 5 August 2020

If someone close to you has been arrested, then you have probably found yourself looking for information about how bail works. If this is the case, then you'll find the content here to be of help. Here are some main things about bail that you should know.

Bail is available 24/7

Those who work in the bail industry are well aware that many people are arrested after regular business hours and on the weekends. This is why you should have no problem finding a licensed bail bonds office that can help you, no matter what day it is and no matter what time of day or night it is. 

Not everyone gets bail

There are some things that can prevent a person from having the option of being bailed out. A couple of examples of these things would be the seriousness of the crime and the person's chances of being a flight risk. However, in most cases, a defendant gets bail, even if it is set for a very high amount. 

Bail can be posted quickly

Once bail has been set, the part of posting bail that usually takes the longest is you making your way down to the bail bondsmen's office, filling out the paperwork, and in most cases, having the bail bondsman verify your collateral is enough for the amount you need for the bail amount. Other than that, the bail bondsman will have their part down, so they can do their part usually in under an hour if everything goes smoothly.

How the bail amount is determined

In a lot of states, the amount of bail is determined by a judge after they take into consideration the defendant's record, the crime, the weight of the evidence, and other important factors that help determine if the person is a flight risk. 

If you aren't sure you want to bail your loved one out because you are upset with them, or for any other reason, you want to understand what leaving them in jail can do. Jail is not a safe place to be, missing work for being in jail tends to cost people their jobs, jailers aren't always great about making sure inmates get their medicines right on time if they have to take them at specific times, and being in jail for a period of time can be a very hard thing for some people to move past emotionally.