4 Things You Can Use Payment Processor for as a Non-Profit

Posted on: 30 April 2019

As a non-profit organization, you need to work with a payment processing company. A payment processing company can help you accept donations to support your non-profit, collect membership fees, sell online merchandise to raise funding, and sell tickets for special events. They can help you accept more forms of payment, which can really help you increase the number of donations your organization brings in. 

#1 Allow You to Accept Online Donations

One of the number one reasons you need to work with a payment processor is so that you can accept online donations. A very small minority of your donations are going to come from people walking into your non-profit and giving you cash.

Most of your donations are going to come from individuals who decide to donate online. Even when you make connections with individuals in the real world, they may still feel more comfortable donating via an online payment form. A payment processor can help you set up a form for donations for your nonprofit that allows for one-time donations or reoccurring donations.

#2 Allow You to Set-Up Membership Fees Payments

Many non-profits have memberships fees that people can pay in order to be a member of the organization and receive regular updates. Membership in non-profits is often yet another means of gathering more donations for whatever your main purpose is. If you need someone to set-up monthly or yearly payments, contact a payment processor.

#3 Allow You to Sell Merchandise Online

Many non-profits sell merchandise online to raise money. If you sell t-shirts or hats with your organization's logo on them, you are going to need a way to accept payment. You will need a processor that will be able to handle multiple small transactions and will not charge you a huge fee for each transaction.

#4 Allow You to Sell Tickets to Special Events

Finally, most non-profits hold fundraisers and various special events in order to raise money. If your organization does this, you can help ensure that all the event tickets are sold by selling tickets online.

Working with a payment process will allow you to move from only accepting cash and check donations, to accepting debit cards, credit cards, and electronic checks for payment. This will allow you to connect with more donors and collect payments for a wide variety of things that help your non-profit earn money, from regular donations to merchandise and ticket sales to membership fees.